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3 Benefits of Backyard Camping

by Mary Smith 05/30/2021

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When the weather warms up, lots of people head outdoors to enjoy the sunshine. It’s also a time that inspires people to take vacations, either with family or friends. However, with travel being difficult and cost prohibitive for some, there are some great ways to get the vacation experience at home. One of the best ways to do this is by camping in your own backyard. Here are some reasons backyard camping is the perfect home activity for all ages:

Saves Time & Money

The most obvious benefit of backyard camping is the lack of travel time. In some parts of the country, access to the great outdoors requires hours of driving. Even if you have a campground close by, popular areas will require you to book space ahead of time. Camping on your own property can be a spontaneous same-day decision. You don’t have to worry about packing, driving, hiking or any of the other time-consuming logistics that often come with a camping trip.

Backyard camping is a fun and inexpensive alternative to a vacation, too. Without transportation costs, booking fees or any of the other costs that can come with an outdoor trip, you’ll be able to enjoy yourselves on a budget. You don’t even need to buy expensive camping gear to get the complete experience, either. Bring furniture from inside the house out into the yard rather than buy new items. If you don’t have a tent, you can create DIY shelters in several ways using household items.

Safe & Accessible

Safety is a major concern for any outdoor excursion. Exposure to the elements, unfamiliar flora and fauna and dangerous terrains can all add stress for anyone out of their comfort zone. Camping in your backyard means you’ll be in a familiar place and close enough to return home if you need to. It’s also much less of a challenge for people with health conditions that might normally make camping trips either unpleasant or impossible. Unlike hiking trails and other rugged terrain, you have control over the space and can make sure it’s accessible and safe for everyone. If you have housemates or family members who have difficulty leaving the house otherwise, backyard camping can be an excellent way for them to enjoy the fun of an outdoor vacation with the reassurance that their needs are met.

Convenience of Home

The greatest benefit of backyard camping is the convenience and proximity to home. Not only does this make your outdoor adventure safer and easier to plan, it means you can still partake of normal comforts like technology and your favorite foods. Cooking outdoors is a fun idea for backyard camping, but so is ordering in a pizza or cooking your favorite dish in your kitchen. You can also listen to music, play games or watch movies using handheld devices or other things you would need a generator to power in the wilderness. This also makes backyard camping easier on the environment than regular camping: you can use dishes and other supplies from home rather than disposable alternatives and wash them inside rather than risk polluting other outdoor spaces.

Backyard camping has many benefits and the options are virtually endless. It’s easy enough that you can plan it in a day and set everything up to meet your specific wants and needs, all in the safety and comfort of your own property.

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